OHRA Health Insurance. Your life, your healthcare.

At OHRA, we have established collective agreements with a wide range of employers and organizations. This means that you as an employee, member or customer benefit from the collective added value that OHRA Health Insurance offers. That includes discounts on supplementary health insurance policies. Plus: your family benefits too. Children up to the age of 18 are covered free under your or your partner’s most comprehensive supplementary insurance. But collective insurance is about more than just discounts. You also enjoy additional collective benefits. Or as we like to call it: collective added value.Because it's your life, your healthcare, there is always something there to fit your personal situation and needs. You are in control and your wishes are paramount. This way you feel good, feel better, feel your best.

Let us tell you more about the healthcare system in the Netherlands and the benefits of OHRA Health Insurance. 

Not from the Netherlands?

We will be more than happy to explain our healthcare system to you.

  • Basic insurance

    The basic insurance is the same for all healthcare insurers. The Dutch government decides what the basic insurance must cover. With the 'OHRA Zorgverzekering', you have basic insurance which covers, for example, your general practitioner, the hospital, medication and maternity care. Additionally, you can choose from various types of supplementary insurance, including supplementary dental insurance.

  • Supplementary insurance

    Always a tailored healthcare package

    The basic insurance policy does not cover everything. That's why at OHRA you choose from a range of supplementary insurance policies. This means you can always count on a healthcare package that meets your personal needs.

    From small but smart:

    OHRA Zorgverzekerd op Reis

    If you are a frequent international traveller.

    OHRA Compact

    Insure only what you really need.

    OHRA Sterk

    When you want a little more insurance.

    To more comprehensive:

    OHRA Aanvullend

    Gives you additional cover.

    OHRA Extra Aanvullend

    More extensive additional cover.

    OHRA Uitgebreid

    The added assurance of comprehensive cover.

  • ‘Fysio Meeneemservice’ (Physio Carry Over Service)

    Do you have unused physiotherapy sessions this year? If so, our Fysio Meeneemservice (Physio Carry Over Service) comes in surprisingly handy. With this service, you can carry over as many as nine sessions to the following year. For a maximum of only € 1,50 extra per month! You can make use of the Fysio Meeneemservice with the following supplementary insurances:

    • OHRA Compact Fysio Meenemen
    • OHRA Sterk Fysio Meenemen
    • OHRA Aanvullend Fysio Meenemen
    • OHRA Extra Aanvullend Fysio Meenemen
    • OHRA Uitgebreid Fysio Meenemen

    Click here to see how it works

  • Dental insurance

    A large percentage of dental costs for children and young people up to 18 years of age are covered in the basic insurance package. Would you like dental coverage for people over the age of 18? Then you can choose 2 dental insurances:

    OHRA TandenGaaf

    Enables you to set the maximum coverage that we pay for your dental costs each year yourself. You can choose coverage of € 250,- or € 500,-.

    OHRA Tand Sterk

    ​​​​​​​Covers 75% up to a maximum amount of € 250,- per year and applies to a limited number of by a dentist and/or dental hygienist.

    Emergency dental care coverage!

    Covered to a maximum of €20,000 per case. Included in our additional (dental) insurance policies.

  • The benefits of OHRA Health Insurance

    Should you need emergency care, you can count on OHRA to cover the treatment you need. You choose the healthcare provider that is best for you. From the specialist clinic that can treat you without delay to the friendly physio right around the corner.

    The standard benefits of OHRA Health Insurance:

    • 100% freedom of choice for physiotherapy, hospital care and specialist clinics. In most cases we pay the bill in full. There are two exceptions. Do you use a non-contracted care provider within mental health care (‘GGZ’) and district nursing/home care (Thuiszorg)? Then 75% of the bill will be paid, taking into account the maximum rate. You pay the rest yourself
    • Practical eHealth solutions
    • OHRA Meegroeiservice: (Growth service) a lifelong health insurance that evolves to reflect the changes in your life
    • Everyone is welcome: we never ask questions about your state of health

For you: collective added value

Are you collectively insured with OHRA? If so, you will benefit from collective discounts on supplementary insurance. But OHRA’s collective health insurance package is about more than discounts alone. It’s all about keeping you fit and active. That's why, as someone with collective insurance, you receive our OHRA Gezond module as standard. It’s packed with tools to help you work on your health and fitness in ways that are fun and easy! Ideal for when you need that extra bit of support. But also useful if you are hardly ever ill and in the prime of your life. Let’s be honest... how often do you take the fit and healthy option? A brisk walk instead of an evening on the couch? Healthy cooking instead of a tasty takeaway? There are always improvements to be made when it comes to staying fit and healthy. No one is bursting with energy all the time. But OHRA is here to help you make the most of life. To feel good, better, the very best you can be.  

OHRA Gezond. Maximize your potential!

The OHRA Gezond package is packed with tools to boost your vitality. There’s always something in there to suit you. And to match your needs and goals. Whether you want to make maximum progress or tweak your lifestyle by working on specific areas. Because it's your life, your healthcare. With OHRA, you benefit from your health insurance even when you are fit and healthy.

  • 'Persoonlijke Gezondheidscheck’ (Personal Health Check)

    Worth € 62,50
    Aimed at risk prevention and early detection. With a finger prick to check blood sugar and cholesterol.

  • Well-being platform Recharge360

    Worth € 124.50 
    Recharge360 teaches you to work smarter on your vitality and health. The program focuses on nutrition, exercise, mental health, sleep, vitality, lifestyle and work pressure. In a fun and smart way.

  • Online Mindfulness

    Worth € 60,-
    Online workshop on Mindful Pausing or Mindful Working from Home

  • ‘Persoonlijke Geldplannen’ (Money Plans)

    For every situation or life event with financial implications.

  • ‘Mantelzorgmakelaar’ (Informal Care Service)

    Support to help you organize informal care. No additional insurance required.

  • Sports physician – Preventive check-up – Good health courses

    OHRA Gezond offers reimbursement for:

    • Medical advice on sport – a maximum of € 150,- per year
    • Preventive check-up – a maximum of € 150,- per year
    • Good health courses and exercise programmes – a maximum of € 150,- per year

Read more about OHRA Gezond.

Benefits for the whole family

You and your partner each select your own ideal insurance package. Children up to the age of 18 are then covered free under your or your partner’s most comprehensive supplementary insurance.

Tip! Spread or reduce your cost

Alongsides collective discounts on supplementary insurance, OHRA offers more options to help spread or reduce your costs:

  • Pay your mandatory excess in 10 instalments
  • Increase your mandatory excess and get a discount on your basic insurance premium
  • Pay your premium in instalments and get a discount on the premium for your basic insurance and your supplementary packages
  • Decide for yourself when we debit the premium from your bank account

Not insured with OHRA? We can still help! 

Even if you don’t have collective health insurance with OHRA, we can still offer you free tools you can use. Helping reduce the impact of tension and stress and giving you more energy: 

  • OHRA Zorg Assistent (OHRA Care Assistant): helps informal caregivers find their way through the maze of laws, rules and institutions. 
  • OHRA Budget Assistent (OHRA Budget Assistant): all the information you need around your finances and assistance from institutions in one place. 
  • OHRA Coach Assistant (OHRA Coach Assistant): tackle your stress. 


Then you’re only a few clicks away from your OHRA Health Insurance. You can take out the OHRA Health Insurance in just 5 minutes.

All the ins and outs about our health insurance

Questions about our health insurance? Do you want to know something about a specific topic or know more about all the possibilities? Then take a look at our OHRA ‘Zorg Wegwijzer’. There you will find all topics clearly listed and you will quickly find the answer to your questions. Even on questions you didn't even know you had!

OHRA 'Zorg Wegwijzer'