Choose your own healthcare provider

With OHRA Health Insurance you have a combination policy. This means that you have the freedom to choose your healthcare provider. If the treatment is covered by your policy, we usually reimburse 100% of the costs. There are two exceptions. If you use a non-contracted mental healthcare provider or home care from a district nursing service. In these cases, you will be reimbursed for 75% of the costs, taking into account the maximum rate. You will have to pay the remaining costs yourself.

Group added value with the OHRA collective health insurance.

Do you have a healthy lifestyle and is your health a priority for you? Then our 'OHRA Gezond module' may be a good fit for you. The module pays for you to get a physical exam and advice from a sports physician, a follow-up exam as part of the Personal Health Check, and gives a reimbursement for certain health courses and exercise programs. The module also includes a personal coaching program: Welly App.

Not from the Netherlands?

We will be more than happy to explain our healthcare system to you.

Basic insurance

The basic insurance is the same for all healthcare insurers. The Dutch government decides what the basic insurance must cover. With the 'OHRA Zorgverzekering', you have basic insurance which covers, for example, your general practitioner, the hospital, medication and maternity care. Additionally, you can choose from various types of supplementary insurance, including supplementary dental insurance.

Supplementary insurance

Basic insurance covers a large percentage of care, but not everything. That is why OHRA has various types of supplementary insurance. There is always a supplementary insurance to suit your situation. You will receive supplementary insurance coverage on top of your basic insurancecoverage.

OHRA has 10 supplementary insurance packages:

  1. OHRA Zorgverzekerd op Reis 
  2. OHRA Compact
  3. OHRA Compact Fysio Meenemen
  4. OHRA Sterk
  5. OHRA Sterk Fysio Meenemen
  6. OHRA Aanvullend
  7. OHRA Aanvullend Fysio Meenemen
  8. OHRA Extra Aanvullend
  9. OHRA Extra Aanvullend Fysio Meenemen
  10. OHRA Uitgebreid

Dental insurance

A large percentage of dental costs for children and young people up to 18 years of age are covered in the basic insurance package. Would you like dental coverage for people over the age of 18?

Then you can choose 2 dental insurances:

  1. OHRA TandenGaaf
    Enables you to set the maximum coverage that we pay for your dental costs each year yourself. You can choose coverage of € 250,- or € 500,-
  2. OHRA Tand Sterk
    Covers 75% up to a maximum amount of € 250,- per year and applies to the following treatments by a dentist and/or dental hygienist

Emergency dental care coverage!

Covered to a maximum of €20,000 per case. Included in our additional (dental) insurance policies.

Free extras

For an even healthier life:

  • OHRA PhysiApp: online physiotherapy. Provided in person by your physiotherapist
  • Informal Care Service: takes on your organizational tasks related to informal care
  • Ask the doctor app: chat with a nurse for free
  • SkinVision: find out whether that mole or spot is suspect within 30 seconds
  • Customer benefits: discounts on products and services. Such as fitness

Do you want more information?  

With the Package Comparer OHRA Zorgverzekering (pdf) you can see at a glance which coverage is included under which insurance package. It is an easy way to compare the different types of health insurance provided by OHRA. Only the insurance packages that can be taken out in 2022 are included.


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