OHRA Healthcare Insurance 2018

OHRA has organised your healthcare insurance well. The OHRA Healthcare Insurance plan gives you basic insurance that insures you for visits to your general practitioner, hospital, medication and maternity care. In addition, you can choose from various supplementary (dental) insurance plans. On this page you can find the terms and conditions, reimbursement overviews and further information.

Terms, premiums and conditions 2018

Brochure and Package Comparer 2018

The package comparer enables you to see at a glance which coverage is included under which insurance package. It is an easy way to compare the different types of health insurance provided by OHRA. Only the insurance packages that can be taken out in 2018 are included.

Application Form Health Care Insurance

Reimbursements overviews 2018

Reimbursement overviews of insurance packages that can be taken out in 2018.

Other reimbursements overviews 2018